Hair Care

PLEASE when maintain and take care of your hair when received so you can have the long lasting benefits of this hair x.

1) Deep condition- 
When you first receive your hair always wash and deep condition it for at least 4 hours (but the longer the better) to revive the lustre and luxury in the hair that's been likely sat in a parcel for the past few days.


2) Shampoo and condition- your hair every 3 weeks using sulphate and paraben free shampoos and conditions to avoid causing more damage to the hair such as shedding and the production of knots.


3) Brush- through the product with care with a paddle or wide tooth comb from root to tip to avoid excess damage.


4) Avoid using excessive heat- on your hair as much as you can. when using a hot tool, please take the necessary extra steps to spray and protect your hair with heat protectant beforehand to avoid long lasting damage to hair.


5) Use shine serums /hair oils- in terms of maintaining hair and keeping it nourished and shiny these type of products are strongly required and recommended however please be mindful of the amounts as they should be used sparingly as too much may give your hair a greasy look.


6) To avoid shedding do not cut your tracks. Double wefting is highly recommended.

7) NEVER wash your hair with extremely hot water, this will cause your hair to become weak especially your knots and bundles. ALWAYS  wash your hair with luke warm water as this is highly recommended.